Cold and Flu season is the 9th circle of hell

Today I had to take Smalls to the Pediatrician and she asked me how long he had been sick. My answer? January 1, 2019. Seriously how much longer until flu season is over? I don’t know how much more DadingWITHOUTanxiety and I can take. The flu AND then the stomach flu tore through the house, followed by runny noses and coughing like we’re raising a bunch of chain smokers up in here. I mean if you have kids in school you know they are always sick anyways, so can’t we just get a pass for once?

When Biggie was born, we did not want to put him in school. We thought keeping him home was the best option (first time parents, cut us some slack we were idiots). Our child care option fell through and BOOM, we had to put him in preschool. If you don’t have to use preschool as a childcare option, that’s great for you. We are firm believers in it, because we’ve seen how much our boys have thrived socially. Plus the village we acquired in the staff and teachers at school has been so amazing for us and the boys.

What is frustrating is the stigma behind preschool. I am constantly getting comments about how often the kids are sick. How it must be that the school doesn’t clean properly. Jokes about them being sick. You are not a bad parent for putting your child in preschool. And there is nothing wrong with our school- children are DISGUSTING! Put a bunch of them together and you get germs to the nth degree. It’s science, people. Look it up. This isn’t 1950- we are a dual income household and that’s just life. Knowing that doesn’t help my sick bank balance at work, but hey, whatever.

And yes we have all been told a thousand times to get our kids to wash their hands to help with the germs-LMAO yeah right. Small kids have an aversion to being clean. It’s in their DNA. Look that up too, it’s a fact.

So please keep us and all parents of small children in your thoughts during this difficult time.

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