Is 32 too early for an existential crisis? Asking for a friend.

Lies, I’m asking for myself. Lately I have been feeling so unsatisfied in my professional life. My personal life is great, my anxiety is taking a back seat and behaving itself lately, the kids are good and (mostly) not sick.

So of course per protocol this would be the time for me to be unhappy in my work life. I feel undervalued and unseen. I feel bored. There are so many things about myself I have learned lately- that I actually have hobbies and things I’m good at besides being a mom! We as working parents spend more time at work than at home, so to not feel like I’m getting much out of it is totally unacceptable. If I’m going to sacrifice time away from my babies and DadingWITHOUTanxiety, I want it to MEAN something. I want to feel seen and appreciated.

I think we all feel like that right? Because as parents we spend a lot of time being unseen, taking a backseat to the needs of the kids. However, I am finding it difficult to try and remedy this situation. Obviously the time for a career change is not when you have two kids under 5. So I’m doing my research and coming up with some side gigs in the meantime (Etsy store grand opening coming shortly!)

Burn some sage for me, guys. Cuz I’m way too young for a midlife crisis.

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