Cool story, bro

I’ve been home all week with Biggie, who has MRSA on his leg. Today is the first day he’s been able to walk on it, and will be going back to school tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed this time with just the two of us, but the kid is also driving me nuts. It was also scary because it’s the first time one of them has had something like this, and I had to draw back on my vet tech days of abscess draining. If that grosses you out, you’re a wimp! 🙂

So yesterday I’m doing wound care in the bathroom with Biggie while DadingWITHOUTanxiety has Smalls in the shower with him. When he took him out, he pooped on his towel. Then in the toilet (he’s started showing interest in the potty so we are looking forward to a #DiaperFree2020). Then ran out of the bathroom, where he pooped on the rug. And the couch. The dog had also peed on the floor during all this. Basically I’m saying it was a shitshow, literally and figuratively.

The impressive part was that Dading and I didn’t go full assault on each other in the chaos. Although over late night Taco Bell after the kids went to bed I did ask him why he let the baby shit on the floor. LMAO.

Life is crazy people, laugh or you will cry. Hope this helps some of you laugh through your mid week hustle.

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