The sound of anxiety.

I’ve talked before about the things that trigger and soothe my anxiety. Lately I have been really noticing how much noise is getting to me. I’m wondering if anyone else finds that their anxiety surges in the constant stimulation and noise of life?

Work is a place where I like to decompress. I like to be left alone to work and listen to a podcast or book on CD or music to help focus my brain. It also helps to quiet my brain, because if I am listening to a story my mind focuses on that and not the million other things that run through my head on a constant basis. I am a really social person, but the constant stress of not having our own home and raising two small, very LOUD boys creates this need for quiet. So at the risk of being a hermit, I like to do my work without much social interaction.

Obviously that isn’t how life works, and I have been finding myself constantly overstimulated with noise and people at work. Which of course continues when I get home. I always feel cranked up to 100, and the only quiet I get is when we go to bed. So I stay up way later than I should and am always exhausted. Which leads to anxiety… anyone else picking up on this vicious circle of shit?

The other day there was a lot of noise in the house and I almost freaked out. It was too much stimulation and I couldn’t take it. Is anyone else like this? How do you guys find quiet spaces for yourself to decompress? Does anyone else consider this a huge anxiety trigger like I do?

2 thoughts on “The sound of anxiety.

  1. Excessive noise is definitely an anxiety trigger for me. Too much, too loud, for too long of periods of time, it rattles my brain and makes it hard for me to breathe, to think, to do anything. I try breathing exercises, you know, like inhaling for five, exhaling for five? It helps sometimes. I usually want to put in headphones and tune it out with music but then I get anxious thinking that I might miss an “important noise” like a kid screaming or a window breaking or a thousand other things my anxious brain makes up. It’s a tough spot for sure. Usually breathing exercises and doing something that soothes me like playing a game on my phone or writing helps me to decompress a bit.


    1. I agree about the music- I also like audiobooks because it helps my mind focus. But I agree tuning out kids is not always an option. Thanks for reaching out and sharing what works for you 🙂 it’s nice to know other people can relate to how I feel.

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