Biggie needs the Coco Movie.

My 5 year old is obsessed with death. I had to be assured multiple times by my therapist that this was a developmental normal. He does not grasp the full concept of death, but knows when that penguin gets eaten by the leopard seal on the Netflix documentary, he ain’t coming back.

We have no reference point for what is normal for this age. Biggie will forever be our guinea pig. Everything is a first time with him. And he is too young for a real talk about what death means. Maybe when he’s 30 or something.

We put off watching Coco because we knew it was about death. But fuck it, maybe it would be good for him now. Is anyone else dealing with this? It’s still so strange to hear him say something “got dead,” or asking me what his betta fish looked like when it died.

This developmental age also comes with a side of lying like a little fuck, and giving me major fucking attitude I swear to god little human that I love so much- you’re pushing it. I’m being tested. Am I passing? Who knows?

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