Isolated in Isolation.

So I didn’t think I was going to be blogging again- hence no posts since June. I thought I had found another outlet for my anxiety and didn’t feel the need to blog anymore. But tonight I felt it, I missed seeing my thoughts typed across an iPad screen. So here I am.

I’m feeling strung out lately. I know most of this is rhetorical because fucking everyone feels like this in 2020. I work mostly from home, and both kids are home with us. One doing virtual kindergarten (and fucking CRUSHING it. I’m super salty and mama bear about the whole thing, but that’s a topic for another post.) The feral 3yo is home driving us all bat shit insane.

I feel like someone always needs something from me. I spend all day being a snack bitch and having battles of epic proportions over nap time. Being the one that everyone goes to when they want to know where something is, what we are having for dinner, etc etc. I am TIRED. Time to myself is basically just a shower or the occasional drive to work. I miss vacations. I miss play dates for the boys. I miss the luxury of options.

And despite how fucking thankful I am for the year that made us slow down, I still feel overwhelmed and god awful anxious a LOT now. If you’re feeling this too, hang in there. You aren’t alone.

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