Slow the Fuck Down, 2020.

Disclaimer: 2020 is a SHIT SHOW, ok. Totally not debating that here. But I’m about to get real with you guys about some stuff, so strap in.

Before quarantine, our life was balls to the wall. Rushing to get kids after work and meeting at the mall food court for dinner before trading kids off so one could go to swimming and one could go home. Getting up early AF so we could get the kids to school before starting work at 7am. Ya’ll- like WTF. We were burning the candle at both ends.

Then COVID happened and we got sent home from work to work remote. Soccer and swimming and school got cancelled. No more play dates on the weekends. No schedule to keep.

And we actually had time to be together to move into our dream house we spent the last 7 months building. Yes, we closed on our house mid April- I’m so thankful we got it done because for a while I thought we were going to lose everything we had been working so hard for.

And now we have traded extra-curriculars and rushing for family movie night, bike rides and playing outside. 2020 has let us just BE. I am so thankful for the universe making us slow down. As awful as this year has been, how many people have lost so much- I am thankful for all that our little family has gained in the process. Sometimes it takes being forced to slow down to really gain perspective on what’s important.

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