Stay humble and woke.

You know those rare moments in parenthood where you feel like you are fucking crushing it, and finally have it figured out? And then the universe comes along and says “bitch, you thought” and totally pulls the rug right out from underneath you? That was us today.

Today we found out 6 had been lying to us about his schoolwork. Saying he was doing it for the last two weeks, and she just wasn’t giving them as much work. FAKE. NEWS. I got a message from his teacher today and his little scheme came crumbling down around him. I wasn’t even mad, I was hurt. He LIED to us! Bro, I shared my body with you for 9 fucking months and this is how you repay me?!

Honesty is a big rule in our house. We have been telling him for years that no matter how much shit you get yourself into, we will always be there for you- but the lie will always get you into more trouble than telling us the truth. We are honest with the kids as well, because trust is a two way street.

I am very aware that those of you with older kids are probably laughing at me right now. Like I’m sure this is a normal, developmental thing and we are just learning a hard lesson right now. But the other part of me is like- have we given him too much rope and now he’s trying to hang himself? Is it normal for them to lie at this age? I’m also humbly reminded that although he is my angel child, I cannot put so much pressure on him (even subconsciously) to be perfect. That happened to me growing up and I am very aware of how damaging that is.

I see you, parenthood. Forcing us to be humble and stay woke, because these little heathens are always trying to one up you. Stay vigilant, guys.

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