New Facebook and Instagram!

I have a Facebook account and Instagram account for my blog now! both are Mandy Momingwithanxiety. I will for sure be posting funny parenting stuff on Instagram, so check it out when you need a laugh 🙂 My Facebook will have all my blog posts. Thanks for all the support and positive enthusiasm I have received from you so far- you guys are awesome. I feel so validated and encouraged that starting this blog was totally the right decision. Happy Saturday!

Hey guys! I’m officially a blogger!

I have never done a blog before. But I have a lot of opinions on life, parenting, etc etc- so why not share them and see how everyone feels too? I struggle with anxiety, and hopefully there are more of you out there and we can support each other in this space. Being a mom is the highlight of my life- but I will be the first one to tell you that sometimes it really sucks, and sometimes it’s really hard, and you feel like you’re barely making it. If this sounds like you- let’s share this blog together! We could all use more support as parents, and I hope this becomes a space that we can commiserate and laugh and share together. Leave me your thoughts and tell me what kind of things you would like to discuss here 🙂