This is me.


I’m a 32 year old wife and mom of 2 boys- a 4 year old (Biggie) and an almost 1 and a half year old (Smalls). We just recently got a puppy, if you’re wondering how sane I am. We live in South Florida, and my husband and I both have full time careers.

After the birth of Smalls, the anxiety that was always underlying came erupting to the surface. Congrats me!- you now have anxiety, take meds, and have an awesome therapist helping you deal. While learning to deal with my anxiety and my inner struggle, I found myself.

I aspire to open my own Etsy store, love DIYing and being real about parenting. Think of this as parent Twitter, not parent Facebook. I adore being a mom, but fuck is it hard! I hope this becomes a space where we can support each other, laugh together, and have a safe space to be honest about our struggles. They say it takes a village, so welcome to mine.